Sorority Rush Week Hazing Ritual Ivy Wolfe, Judy Jolie

Sorority Rush Week Hazing Ritual Ivy Wolfe, Judy Jolie
Release Year: 2018
Video language: English

Sorority Harmony Wonder and Jaye Summers are hanging out at a party, sipping on some beverages and chatting about rush week. When Harmony notices that her glass is empty, she loudly calls for one of the pledges to fill it up. Pledge Ivy Wolfe arrives and obediently does what she's told, sitting back down next to another pledge, Judy Jolie, who looks very nervous and uncomfortable. Just then, Kasey Miller walks in and greets her sorority , wondering aloud why glass isn't full. With a laugh, they tell her that that's what pledges are for. Kasey loudly snaps her fingers, calling for a pledge. When Judy tentatively walks over, an annoyed Kasey demands that she fill her glass up. Y-yes, ma'am, Judy stammers. When she hands Kasey the full glass with shaking hands, Kasey chastises her, telling her she's slow. What makes her think she's material?! The other two join in, berating the poor pledge viciously. Ivy watches, sick to her stomach at the way they're treating Judy. Soon, Ivy can't take anymore. She gets up and puts herself in front of Judy, telling the that SHE'LL take care of filling all their glasses from now on. The look at each other, shocked that one of the pledges has spoken to them without being spoken to first. What makes Ivy think that she can just come and stick up for her friend like that?!, Kasey asks angrily. Maybe they're lesbians!, Harmony says with a cruel laugh. That must be it, they must be lesbian Kasey says as her fellow giggle.

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Sorority Rush Week Hazing Ritual Ivy Wolfe, Judy Jolie
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